Many thanks for visiting my website , my services will greatly facilitate your vacation in  Rio . You will be guided by a native Carioca [ A Carioca is a person born in the city of Rio de Janeiro ] and will visit the most famous places and see all the breathtaking sights this truly beautiful city has to offer . Besides this , you will learn all about the city and discover what`s really going on here , from a native . Also , you will be able to rent an apartment that suits your needs perfectly .

My job as a Government Certified Tour Guide is to provide all your tourism needs . 



Rio: A Marvellous City!

Very soon you will become fully aware that you are in one of the most beautiful and perhaps the most sensual city in the world . The magnificent beaches and the constant presence of the sea , the mountains and the green , tropical forests around the city , the bay , the lakes and of course the warm , friendly and colourful Carioca people all contribute to make a unique and simply unforgettable place .

My City Tour of Rio

In our tour of the city of Rio de Janeiro you will learn what made it what it is today and who the people in charge of all the progess and many changes were . You’ll also find out why it’s not a dangerous city anymore and who the people living in the Favelas are .  All of this and much more will be covered .